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Things to Throw Away in Your Apartment Now

wads of paper rolled up and thrown around a trash bin

Getting your apartment ready for 2019 means clearing it of everything unnecessary. So this week we here at the Towers of Seabrook Blog are suggesting a few things for you to search out and throw out to free your home of unnecessary clutter and distractions here at Seabrook, TX.

Unused Entertainment

Sometimes you buy a book or movie thinking you’ll love it, but you only enjoy it once — or you even don’t like it. Sell or donate it so someone else can. This also goes for items like cassette tapes or videos on tape that you no longer use or have means of watching. Also be sure to throw out any cracked or scratched discs.

Old Phones, Chargers, and Cases

Contact your service provider to see what materials you can switch out and for advice on how to dispose of other things you’re not sure of. Getting rid of these things will let you move on and stay up-to-date with the latest technology.

Multiple Items

Do you have two of something in your kitchen, office, or bedroom? Do you really need (and regularly use) both? Pay attention to which item you tend to gravitate toward and get rid of the other to clear up extra space for items you really need.

Expired Items

If things are expired, they are no longer good! Go through your purse, wallet, pantry, and bathroom cupboards and get rid of coupons, canned goods, and medications with “sell by” or “best by” dates that have come and gone. Avoid risking your health, wasting your time, or cluttering up space this year.

What do you make a point to throw away in your apartment at the start of a new year? Share with the rest of the apartment community by leaving a comment below Thanks for reading! We hope you have a successful start in 2019.