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Thrifting in September

person sorting through vintage vinyl records with the words Thrift It superimposed over photo

Welcome back to the blog for The Towers of Seabrook! Today we are featuring our favorite thrifting tips to help you navigate Seabrook’s best thrift shops this month. Thrift shops have the reputation for stocking clothing that is out of style and out of date. Vintage clothing gets a bad rap, but visiting a thrift shop for a new (to you) jacket or sweater is a great way to find a unique piece that fits your style and is probably more durable than most clothing you can find elsewhere. We’ve searched the web for the best thrifting tips out there.

From Clothesencounters: Don’t be afraid to adjust your “new” clothes.

Jenn Im is a beauty vlogger who often goes thrifting and shows off her finds. Take her advice and chop some length off of a maxi dress or a sweatshirt that is a little too long to fit your form. Also don’t be afraid to cut shoulder pads out of a jacket or dress to make it work for you and to make it look a bit more modern. There are a ton of great ways to make clothing from the thrift store fit your unique style. Find more of Jenn Im’s tips in her thrifting videos.

From Racked: Clean up your vintage finds.

Thrift store finds can come with a distinct smell. Get rid of the smell by using these tips about how to remove odd smells from thrifted clothing from Racked. The writer recommends using activated charcoal, kitty litter, white vinegar, vodka, and steam to clean your finds. Remember to wash your brand new finds from the thrift store as soon as you come home.

From us: Don’t neglect the other sections of the thrift store.

Yes, clothing takes up most of the floor at the thrift shop, but don’t neglect the books, records, and furniture sections. Avoid buying any couches or cloth furniture at the thrift store. Stick to wood, glass, and plastic. Disinfect anything you buy as soon as you bring it home to get it ready to shine in your apartment.

Get thrifting at a shop that Google recommends as among the best thrift stores in Seabrook, TX. What tips do you have for thrift shopping? What are your favorite shops near our apartment community? Thanks for reading our blog! We hope that you have a great month.