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Tips for Improving Yourself

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September is a great time to start fresh and look for ways to improve your life: with the transition to a new season and September being Self-Improvement Month, take the chance to look for ways to be your best self. Today the Towers of Seabrook Blog has some suggestions.

Find your why.

Simon Sinek points out in his September 2009 TED Talk (viewed nearly 40 million times) the power of finding your “why”. A powerful motivator for any action, whether it’s personal or professional, small or large in scope, can propel you further toward your goals than you ever thought possible — with the perk of personal fulfillment, too. So try for some introspection this month and see what motivates you.

Write a letter to your future self.

If you feel overwhelmed about where to start with your goals and efforts for self-improvement, writing to a future version of yourself can be a safe place for you to sort out your thoughts. Get to the nitty gritty of what you hope to accomplish and who you want to be five years from now. Then seal it, put it in a secure place, and let the motivation of the hope for the future drive you into action.

Look outward.

You may have most things in life sorted out and running smoothly — and that’s great! See how you can work toward extra goals (either financial, physical, social, or emotional) to improve your life or the lives of those around you. Looking outward is a great way to bring extra fulfillment to your life and to spread goodness. Everyone deserves it, so see what you can do and how you will feel knowing you were contributing to it!

Practice healthy coping mechanisms.

How you cope with the struggles of life has an impact on your mental and physical health and even on your finances or relationships with other people. Do your best to take control of how you respond to the stressors of life by learning about healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms and making a concerted effort to move past any unhealthy ones and to try healthy ones.

How do you dedicate yourself to self-improvement? Share your thoughts with the rest of the apartment community here in Seabrook, TX by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading! Good luck!